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3-4 days.

Yes, in most cases it could supress it from breaking out.

An immature breaks out is when you see rounded redness surfaced, and it feels hard when you press against, an potential formed acne.

It is recommended not to cover your acne with any sorts of treatment if it is inflamed or seriously infected, the advice is to consult a doctor or dermatologist.

Before matured/ When the white head appears/ After acne is cleaned by beautician.

When you see white head coming from your acne, it is when the pus is coming out and the acne is ready to be cleaned. Applying the DotsPro, it can absorb the pus from your break out onto the patch, change the patch when it turns white. Finally, heals and calm the wound, to leave no future scars and brings back the original look on the surface.

Because DotsPro also acts like a bandage to your wounded area, the spot being cleaned; it not only protects it from the environment but also helps healing back to perfect surface condition.


It is made for anyone who may have issues, and suffered from break-outs problem; It can be properly used by any gender and any age group.


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